Executive Director

Krista Cressman-Buck

My name is Krista Cressman-Buck and I am the Executive Director at Steckle Heritage Farm.  I grew up in Waterloo County and not unlike the Steckle family, I too can trace my family roots way back into the early settlers of this area.  I have lived in many places, but it is always Waterloo Region that has felt like “home” to me.  This community is vibrant, growing, rich in history and set in a beautiful mix of urban and rural.

My dream for Steckle Heritage Farm is a simple one…..

To connect all people in the community to the Farm and the amazing place it is.

To educate people on the issues surrounding Agriculture.  Lets begin a discussion… explore Local, Conventional, Organic and what it means to you!

To inspire youth, families and community members to appreciate the agricultural roots of this community, the care that goes into producing food and the wonders of farming right here on this Farm founded in 1833.


Feel free to contact me directly at :  kristabuck@stecklehomestead.ca