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C is for….

Posted on 06/27/16 by Don Fawns

Man oh man! We have been so busy here at Steckle with our Spring start up! So busy in fact that Spring is now over and we are transitioning into Summer! I can’t believe it! Since Spring seems to have gotten away on me, here is a little update of what we’ve been up to! […]

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And what did you learn at school today?

Posted on 05/19/16 by Don Fawns

Every night after school, Mom and Dad would ask my brother and I… “So what did you learn at school today?” to which both of us would reply with a short and never-changing “nothing”. The conversation was the same, but still, our parents asked, just in case our answers to that age old question might […]

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Oh, What a night!

Posted on 05/11/16 by Don Fawns

Hello again! Okay, so last night was not late December, back in sixty-three but it was Open Tuesday in May 2016! We had a number of families come out and visit the farm during the second Tuesday of our season. The weather was gorgeous and I noticed a number of families having picnic suppers at the farm. […]

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Springtime Salutations!

Posted on 05/04/16 by Don Fawns

Welcome back Spring! The sun is shining beautifully today and all of our animals are certainly  enjoying being back outside to soak up those rays! I know that I am so excited to be back on the farm with all my animal and human friends as we gear up for another incredible year at Steckle. […]

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Posted on 04/16/15 by Don Fawns

SPRING UPDATE!  There is SO much exciting stuff going on at the farm right now! Each Spring when the melts away and the sun FINALLY comes out and keeps us toasty all day, we go a bit crazy. Ongoing projects and upgrades, and new ideas and programs galore! Here’s a quick run down on what Steckle […]

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The Farmers Picnic is back!

Posted on 05/26/14 by Don Fawns

This is the BLOG post from our FARMERS PICNIC in 2014!! Tickets for 2015 are available HERE We are SO excited to welcome summer back in the most delicious way we know how… Our Farmers Picnic! 2014 marks our 25th year as a registered charity, and we’re celebrating in style! This fun, family focused event is made […]

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As we say goodbye to a special friend..

Posted on 03/11/14 by Don Fawns

We love each of our furry friends that call Steckle their home, and it’s not easy to let go when the end comes. Last year, two new special llamas were gifted to us, to help keep the farm safe, and to enjoy a new lifestyle being lazy and loved. Julie and Renee fit in right […]

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Easter Egg Hunt, 2014!

Posted on 03/05/14 by Don Fawns

Easter Egg Hunt on the Farm!    This year, we are teaming up with Williamsburg Libro Credit Union to give you the best hunt EVER! We were blown away by the response we received last year, and sold out of spaces in about THREE days! In 2014, we are please to offer TWO hunt times, so we can accommodate more eager hunters! This […]

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Emily Beatty brings us SUMMERTIME!

Posted on 03/03/14 by Don Fawns

We’ve had a hard winter. I’m sure we’re not the only ones that have noticed how much snow we’ve had, and I know how sick I am of the colour ‘white’. Our house photographer Emily Beatty  is also getting antsy, and is wishing right alongside us for Winter to pack it’s bags and let the Spring move in. […]

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Snow Fun on Family Day 2014

Posted on 01/06/14 by Don Fawns

**UPDATE** Sorry folks!! With all the snow we’ve gotten, Winter Family Day is POSTPONED until we can book a fabulous Saturday to open up for visits, with a little less angry weather. We realize the irony behind cancelling a winter event due to snow, but seriously.. if you had to battle the 16 foot drifts […]

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