Animal Tales

Posted on February 3, 2012 by Don Fawns

We have many animals on the farm. Our goal is to have animals farmed in Ontario for you to meet and see up close! Let us introduce you to our current residents:
PB and Jam- Tamworth cross pigs. They came to us as weaners in May 2011 and boy have they grown! They are a heritage breed of pigs, slower to grow. They love living outside with a little house where they snuggle when cold. They are very curious and quite smart. Getting scratched is something they adore.

Stinky, Stan, Freddy and Hershey: our resident Cow-Boys! These are our young steers. Stinky and Stan were born in August 2011 and are friendly holsteins who love a good chin rub. Freddy and Hershey were born in October and are more shy. Freddy is a beautiful red holstein and Hershey is a cute as a buttton Jersey.

Ariel, Jasmine, Kasey and Snowy are our Suffolk cross sheep. These girls have always been with people and are like pets. In fact, pet them and you may see their tails wag! Snowy is the youngest and only one born on the farm. She was a suprise arrival Feb 1 2011. Ariel (her Mom) would not nurse her so she lived in the main house for 2 weeks while she was bottle fed every 3 hours. Talk about spoiled!

Gabby and Luigi; you may notice two white birds wandering about. These feathered friends are Gabby a Bremen goose, and Luigi a Peking duck. They are friendly and sometimes Gabby likes a good petting! The funny thing is we thought Gabby was a boy, until she made a nest and laid eggs!

Toby and Taffy; our newest additions are these miniature horses. These guys are brothers with Toby almost 2 and Taffy 8 months.  Not ponies, but actual mini horses! They are not for riding but are quite strong and good at pulling. We hope to train them as they get older!

Steckle and Shadow; our new bossy Roosters. Steckle has a remarkable silky tail and big red comb and wattle.  Shadow is coal black and glossy.  They are young, but friendly!

Bucky, Patches and Checkers are Flemish Giant Rabbits. This kind of Rabbit can get as big as 18lbs! They are calm and friendly but like all rabbits, don’t like having their feet off the ground.