As we say goodbye to a special friend..

Posted on March 11, 2014 by Don Fawns

We love each of our furry friends that call Steckle their home, and it’s not easy to let go when the end comes. Last year, two new special llamas were gifted to us, to help keep the farm safe, and to enjoy a new lifestyle being lazy and loved. Julie and Renee fit in right away, and were amazing examples of how sentient animals should be. Julie with her alert eyes and cautious stature, ever watchful and taking her role seriously. Renee is more eager to explore, and will often investigate new faces by touching noses with unsuspecting visitors.

Yesterday, Julie was visited by one of our trusted vets from New Hamburg Veterinary Clinic, and we had to make the near impossible choice to take care of her needs and make her comfortable for the final time. Often, when a large animal shows signs of distress, it is because they are too weak too hide their discomfort, and not much can be done. Although Julie had not looked unwell to us in the days past, we did what was best for her as soon as we knew something was wrong.

We will miss her white fluffy coat and deep brown eyes, always watching, and always working.


Goodbye, Julie. Thank you for everything. We’ll be certain to give Renee extra cuddles, every day.