Fall Family Day, 2013!

Posted on September 19, 2013 by Don Fawns

This is our FOURTH annual family day in October… can you believe it?!

What started out as a fun day to explore with your family, and learn a little bit about this ‘farm in the city’, has turned into a huge event! Full of music, dancing, visiting animals, and farm friends from across the region, our Family Day is growing, and we’re so happy that YOU get to be a part of it!

This year, we’re bringing you PIGS! Our friends Ron and Sharon Douglas from Ontario Pork are bringing the Pig Mobile down to the farm! Have you ever wanted to ask a farmer why farrowing boxes are used? How many pounds the average sow weighs? Why bacon tastes so good with EVERYTHING? This is your chance! Ron and Sharon love to talk about their passion for pigs, and we hope you enjoy them just as much!

We also have The Grain Farmers of Ontario bringing the Grain Discovery Zone along for the day, and this is your chance to have some fun. Have you ever gotten to dig in a giant box of corn kernels? Have you played video games where saving seeds is the ultimate goal? I know it’s not as popular as the new GTA, but you’ll have fun just the same.

If you have questions about food, farming, and why we love it so much… ask us! We’ll be walking around wearing our red Steckle Staff shirts. And if you can’t find us… ask our friends at Farmers Feed Cities, or Agriculture More Than Ever! They’ll be here as champions of our industry, and want to talk to you about your part in this world we all love so much!

Our friends from the Strathyre Highand Dancers and Intensely Irish Dance Troupe will be back again to show off their skills, and Derek Brisland from the Baden Storytellers Guild will be here with some friends to set the mood with tales of legend and lore.

Also joining us again, is our famous photographer, Emily Beatty of EBI. She’s setting up shop to take your fall family portraits, in time to share for your Christmas cards and calendars. Emily knows this property as well as our roaming roosters, and takes breathtaking portraits that you will love forever and ever. Packages will be offered for this special day only, so plan to put together your outfits now, and find some prime wall space for your photos to hang!

Maple Lodge Farms and Davids Tea will be providing samples of delicious of family farm raised chicken, and natural teas that make us almost want it to be winter. Almost. We’ll have snacks available to purchase courtesy of Dutchies, and pumpkins and produce for sale, courtesy of our very own fields.

As a not for profit organization, and this event being our biggest fundraiser of the year, we’re asking for a $2 donation at the gate. Please feel free to give more! Know that by donating to us, you are helping to keep this beautiful heritage site in great condition. You are helping to educate your children about how necessary farms are to feeding the world, and you are setting an example for your family.. that giving is important, when the cause is important.

We’ll have crafts, face painting, licks from cows, and nuzzles from sheep. There is TONS to do at Steckle Heritage Farm! Please mark October 19th on your calendars, and tell your friends! It wouldn’t be a party without them!


Fall Family Fun Day poster 2013