Farm to Fork Picnic….Good Ol’ Family Fun!

Posted on August 20, 2012 by Don Fawns

Something fun that we want to make a tradition is our upcoming event…..

The FARM TO FORK  Family Picnic!

It is a fundraiser where you get to have tonnes of fun AND raise funds to care for our animals!  In the last two years we have acquired and purchased a number of animals that live here full time.  The best part of having animals that are “ours” is that we know them and they know us!  Most farm animals would not be as inquisitive and friendlyas ours, but due to being raised and cared for by us they know that people mean attention, food and care…. and they behave a lot like pets!

Caring for animals takes time and effort, and money.  Just like your dog or cat, our animals are vaccinated annually.  If they are ill, we call the vet.  They have special diets and are fed healthy foods and supplements.  All these cost money!  We spend approximately $5000 annually on our animals for food and care, and this does not include our cost of staff time to clean pens and care for them.  This fundraiser is going to help care for our animals, and keep them here to give children and visitors a chance to experience (in a small way) an Ontario farm.

Get to know our Animal Friends!  Some of our special animals are:

Stan and Stinky the Holstein Steers.  They started out as calves that we bottle fed and walked, kind of like a dog!  They sure have grown, but you will notice how much the love attention and getting their necks scratched.  Freddie the Red Holstein and Hershey the Jersey came as calves in October of 2011.

Ariel, Jasmine, Kasey and Snowy the Sheep.  The first three came (2010) from another farm that ran a camp for kids but had changed their program to horses.  When Ariel got pregnant and had Snowy, we gained a first hand experience with babies on the farm!  Born Feb 1st 2011, Ariel would not nurse Snowy so she lived in the main house and was bottle fed.  After three weeks she moved to the barn, but was bottle fed another month and come spring integrated into the flock.

Peanut Butter and Jam (and Buddy) the Pigs.  It was may of 2011 when we got the two girls from a Baden farm specializing in heritage pig breeds.  The girls are Iron Age and Tamworth mixed breeds and have grown from 50lb weaners to close to 400lbs!  When we introduced the young male boar Buddy, we were nervous.  No need to be nervous we discovered, because Jam was in love!  It was 3 months, 3 weeks and three days later that we welcomed 10 wonderful piglets to Steckle Farm!

Toby, Taffy and Prince the Miniature Horses.  Toby and Taffy came in early winter 2012.  They were born in June 2010 and 2011.  We lent Taffy to Shantzholm Farm in June and borrowed Prince the gelding from them.  These horses are clever, lovable and full of personality!

Snow White, Blossom and Carly the goats came from a farm just outside New Hamburg.  Blossom is Snow White’s baby (2012) and Carly was a kid from the same herd.  While Snow White and Blossom are Sanaan-Nubian crosses, Carly is Nubian-Lamancha cross.  The Lamancha part of Carly is what gives her those adorable “elf” ears.

The Twins and Luigi are always around the lower paddock.  The twins are Pomeranian Geese that were donated to us by Cirrus Hill Farm in Meaford which raises heritage poultry.  Luigi is a peking duck that was raised in a classroom.  These 3 are best friends and pretty entertaining.  The twins are quite bossy, until someone proves to be bossier!

And there are more animals and stories here…..  Just come and discover them!