Generous Gift from Son Risen Farm

Posted on April 17, 2013 by Don Fawns

On April 16th, we had a big gift come our way here at Steckle Heritage Farm. It came in the form of two fuzzy furry beautiful brown eyed Llamas from Jane and Andy Pearson and Family. The Pearson’s are a long time farm family who currently have a flock of sheep in the St. Marys area. Monday the Pearson’s red truck came with a seeming mountain of hay! OH HAY!! Something that is very precious in Ontario right now thanks to a horrid season in 2012. On Tuesday, the red Pearson truck rolled up our drive with a very precious gift on board. In the back of the truck lying down (not unlike a camel!) were two lovely llamas! Renee and Julie were much loved friends and helpers at Son Risen Farm. Many people don’t know that llama’s are not only intelligent, but also great at protecting other farm animals like sheep!

We have had a few run-ins with coyotes here at Steckle Heritage Farm. Though a farm in the city, there are still coyotes who wander in from the Huron Natural Area behind us. The donation from Jane and Andy will be enjoyed for their beauty and sweetness, but also for their helpful guarding abilities.

Such generosity! Thank you to the Pearson’s. We love Renee and Julie and can’t wait to have them meeting and greeting all the families who visit the farm.