Honouring Jean

Posted on June 6, 2012 by Don Fawns

An amazing thing has happened. We found out from a phone call (top secret might I add) about one week before the school board was being presented with new school names. What was it we found out? That the name selected for the new school going up in the Huron Rd. area will be named after Jean Steckle. What an honour!

The Steckle family has a long history of education. Both Jean’s parents were graduates of the University of Guelph. Her mother, Susannah, was the first female graduate of the Agriculture program. Jean followed in her parents footsteps attending the University of Guelph, then continued her education until she achieved her PhD. She was a passionate educator, working with many different people from Ghana to Canada’s north, educating them on nutrition and health.

It was Jean’s dream to use the family farm that she purchased on retirement, as a place of meeting and education. Connecting communities to the land, each other and healthy homegrown food. Truly, she was a woman with vision, drive and a great passion for community. To have a school named in her honour seems very fitting. Thank you Waterloo Region District School Board for your thoughtful recognition of a great woman.