I’m about to get corny.

Posted on August 1, 2013 by Don Fawns

This farm is a place of aspirations and dreams.

We talk often about how we can open our space up to adults. Classes on preserving, cheese and soap making, bread baking, and big batch cooking are all on our radar. We know that these is a demand for these types of programs in our community, and we’re still working on the kinks to offer them in a prepared and educated manner. But.. what if we could do more for you? There are seven dimensions of wellness, and we think we can knock at least four of those off in one night with us. We have intellectual covered, but what about social, emotional, environmental, and physical?

Dream with us, for a moment…

You have a sitter for your children, and a night off. You come down to the farm with a bottle of wine, a picnic blanket, and your best friend. Live music is playing in the orchard, and farm fresh tapas are passed around by local chefs. You feel the sun on your face, and you realize how lucky you are to live in a city that has a heritage farm within it’s borders. When you’re full, you stroll around the gardens, grabbing some produce to take home. Maybe you stop to scratch a cow on the ears, or kiss a sheep on the nose. When the sun is going down, you slip away; feeling relaxed, happy, and excited to do it all again next month.

Steckle Heritage Farm is always looking for new ways to keep you inspired. We want to be your connection to the environment, and we want to do it in new and exciting ways. We will put you in the kitchen to use your hands, invite you to our land to enjoy your city, and make you think when you’re buying groceries for your loved ones.

We want to grow the future, and however we do that, we want you to be apart of it.