Is our gratitude showing?

Posted on June 14, 2013 by Don Fawns

Where to begin… first, a heartfelt thank you. To our families, our donors, our sponsors… our friends. It is with your support that we are able to continue to do what we love, and see the faces we admire. Our first ever family picnic was a success even with the rain, and we thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for joining us!! With your support, we were able to raise nearly $800 to help care for our family of four legged friends.This will help us out IMMENSELY with our costs, and they will be sure to always eat like kings, and live in the lap of luxury under the supervision of our animal caretaker, Kala.

This next part is a secret. Kala works so hard for us, and has made such a tremendous difference in our animals lives since coming to work with us in the Winter. We are so lucky that she choose to work in the not for profit world, and share her talents with us. We’d like to say thank you to Kala, and we need your help, once again. You see… Kala has a wish. Her favorite animal doesn’t live on the farm, and she looks at the rescues and sanctuarys often, dreaming of bringing one to live with us. 

Kala wants a donkey. She has wanted a donkey forever, in fact. Kala is a wonderful person, and while we first and foremost want to say thank you to YOU for participating with the fundraiser for our animals, it seems fitting to want to say thank you to her, as well.

And so, we propose this: for the next week, any and all online donations will be set aside in a special ‘donkey fund’, so that we can get started with our goal of raising $500 to adopt a donkey, and cover the initial veterinary bills associated with bringing a new friend to our farm. This little donkey (whoever he or she is!) already has a paddock set up, and a cozy stall inside our heritage barn for cool, wet nights. We just need to find the right fit for us, and with your help, we can get started on the hunt!

Just to the right of where you are reading this (and also in the upper right side of our website), there is a ‘donate’ button. Please click over, and consider helping us to reach this goal, and say thank you to one of the people that makes Steckle Heritage farm so special to your family.

Thank you, from the bottoms of our hearts. We are so proud to be a part of your community.




We have a lot of animals already… how will a donkey benefit the farm?

Donkeys are an important part of little farms! Because we have pygmy goats, lambs, free roam turkeys and ducks, and a filly (on the way!), we need to be able to protect them from natural predators like coyotes and foxes. We’ve lost many birds in the past to these wild animals, and are dedicated to keeping our flocks safe, so we can continue to show these beautiful birds to our school groups, campers, and little farmers. Donkeys also are an important part of foal weaning, as they keep the babies safe, and calm when they are separated from their moms. Because we have a brand new halflinger filly joining us in August, a donkey will help us get her used to the farm, and make her transition comfortable and happy. Our goal is to bring on a rescue donkey, from a foundation that we are excited to work with. These ‘forgotten equines’ need a second chance, and a job to do.