Oh, What a night!

Posted on May 11, 2016 by Don Fawns


Some Pig!

Hello again!

Okay, so last night was not late December, back in sixty-three but it was Open Tuesday in May 2016! We had a number of families come out and visit the farm during the second Tuesday of our season. The weather was gorgeous and I noticed a number of families having picnic suppers at the farm. What a wonderful way to spend the evening! While many of our visitors played in the barn and made a craft, our newest animal friends arrived at the farm. Three piglets have joined us at Steckle! Families were quite excited to visit them in the lower barn once they had been settled into their new home.

The piglets have arrived just in time for Lightning Banjo Productions’ presentation of Charlotte’s Web on May 14th and 15th. The performances are already SOLD OUT! It is sure to be a very busy weekend with lots of new memories made!

Dinner time for Mairi!

Dinner time for Mairi!

We also had some wonderful volunteers come out last night and assist with animal care around the farm. We gave most of the goats and sheep pedicures by trimming their toe nails. While I am sure that they all appreciate it afterwards, the process is quite tricky. Krista took care of the actual clipping of the nails but our volunteers assisted in holding each goat and sheep steady, providing lots of love and attention to keep them calm throughout their spa treatment.

Next our volunteers went with Stephanie to learn how to make a bottle for our calf in the kitchen. When Mairi first arrived, she drank 2L of milk each day split between two bottles. At about six weeks old now, she still drinks two bottles a day but they now contain 6L each! Oh my! She has grown! Volunteers helped to hold the bottle as Mairi had her dinner. On a full belly, we took Mairi for a little stroll as the sun began to set. It’s kind of like walking a very large puppy! It was a very busy night but our animals love the attention and we love getting to share new experiences and farm facts with our visitors!

Have you ever taken your cow for a walk?

Have you ever taken your cow for a walk?.

Are you looking to get involved with Steckle?

Animal care occurs from 6-7:30 every other Open Tuesday. The next animal care opportunity is May 24th. We also have a garden club happening every other Thursday starting May 19 from 6-7:30. Many hands make light work and Victoria is excited to share her knowledge with you as we plant, weed, and harvest yummy treats from the garden!
If you would like to volunteer, be sure to sign up via the form on our website (Volunteer Sign Up). Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult. We also encourage high school students to join in the fun as a way to build their mandatory volunteer hours!

As always, you can join us every Tuesday from 3-7pm for just $5 per family. See you soon!
– Allie