Snow Fun on Family Day 2014

Posted on January 6, 2014 by Don Fawns


Sorry folks!! With all the snow we’ve gotten, Winter Family Day is POSTPONED until we can book a fabulous Saturday to open up for visits, with a little less angry weather. We realize the irony behind cancelling a winter event due to snow, but seriously.. if you had to battle the 16 foot drifts that we have here, you would understand! Thank you so much for your patience and love as we try to dig our way out of this! WE CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU  SOON! (…but not too soon!!)


It is just over a month away, which feels like a long time away.  However, one thing all of us at Steckle Heritage Farm have learned…. is nothing is that far away!

What is Family Day?  It is a holiday in Ontario (and a few other provinces) which encourages people to take the day and spend time with family or people in the community you care about!  At Steckle Heritage Farm, we open the gates and welcome you in for the simple pleasures of being outside, sledding, sharing a cup of soup or hot chocolate together, and participating in winter themed activities.  You can visit with the animals who stay with us through the winter (they miss you, I promise!) and it is a great time to renew your “Friends of the Farm” membership and pick up a flyer of upcoming 2014 events!

We want to invite you all to visit!  Entry is by donation (suggested $2 person) and healthy food will be offered for sale at our usual small prices of $1 to $3.

We hope you will come!