Springtime Salutations!

Posted on May 4, 2016 by Don Fawns

Welcome back Spring!

Our baby ducks will grow very quickly but right now they are still SO FLUFFY!

The sun is shining beautifully today and all of our animals are certainly  enjoying being back outside to soak up those rays! I know that I am so excited to be back on the farm with all my animal and human friends as we gear up for another incredible year at Steckle. Spring also means baby animals and there seems to be a cuteness overload happening – so much that I never want to leave!!

This week was the beginning of our Little Farmers program. It has been great to see everyone dressed for the weather and ready to explore! We have seen many returning faces as well as many new faces and we are only halfway through the week! We are so excited to meet with our Little Farmers each week as we learn new things about the farm and practice new skills with our Big Farmers in tow!

We also hosted our first school tour of the season this morning.  The grade twos were full of wonderful energy and excitement during their tour and asked many fantastic questions about what we do here on the farm. We searched for different signs of spring during our wagon ride, had yummy, oatmeal cookies while looking at the types of food our animals like to eat (Side note: Farm animals do not get oatmeal cookies or any other human snacks- if you have extras that you need to get rid of for some reason, I will gladly eat them for you!). By focusing on spring time at the farm, the class also had the privilege of meeting some of our newest animal friends before heading back to school. Chicks, ducklings, lambs, and the calf were all celebrities today!

She may resemble a giant teddy bear but Mairi is most definitely a cow, ready for her close up!

Signs of Spring are all around us at the farm. The apple orchard is starting to sprout lots of buds which will soon flower but in the mean time, the honey bees can enjoy the dandelions that are popping up all over. We may consider this yellow flower to be a weed but the honey bees LOVE them because they bloom very early (and quickly!) this time of year. Where do you see Spring around your house?

Please don’t forget to join us for our Open Tuesdays between 3 and 7pm! As always, it is only $5 per family and free to our friends of the farm. Rain or shine, come out for a visit and see what we are up to! You will probably find me cuddling with the chickens or giving Mairi, our Highland cross calf a good chin scratch! I look forward to seeing everyone at the farm soon!