Welcoming the Community!

Posted on January 10, 2012 by Don Fawns No Comments

As some people may have noticed, changes are afoot at Steckle! Programs have been “tweaked”, more times added for popular programs and new events being added to the annual schedule. All of these changes are part of our effort to re-connect the City and community with our mission to connect, educate, grow and inspire. We want to throw open the doors and welcome the community in to experience the magic of Steckle Heritage Farm. Educating people about respect for the land and the importance of agriculture is what we are all about. Being a place where you can come and experience a small scale farm, and ask questions you may have about organic or conventional farming.
Its all about creating a place that gives you a feeling of it being your very own family farm! Now you have the chance to become a member, or sponsor an animal and become their “best friend”.

Join us! Become a member, participate in a program, visit us on a Family Sunday between May and November, have a birthday party for your child, buy a ticket for one of our tasty events… So many ways to experience our Farm in the City!

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