Agriventure Day Camp Activities

On the first day of camp your child will be assigned to a team lead by a one of our educators.  These teams are grouped by general age, and we always accommodate childrens wishes to be with friends or siblings.  The grouping allow us to really get to know your child, and the staff member they are assigned to is specifically responsible to ensure any special arrangements (i.e. allergies, medications, accommodations) for your child.  We are a small camp, and knowing our campers is important to us.

Every Wednesday we prepare and serve a “camp lunch”.  This is the only day you do not have to send a lunch, though we reccommend snacks and drinks are still sent.  Their day is active and kids get hungry.  We are a nut free site, and do our best to accommodate allergies- we see a wide range!



Peer Grouping

Morning Chores and Team Time

Completing team building games and general on farm “chores” ranging from watering, weeding, feeding animals etc.

With their “team” and Educator. Generally with those of similar age and abilities

Whole Camp Game

Played in the morning, and always a highlight!  We play active camp-wide games of capture the flag, hide and seek and more.

Whole camp

Learning Rotations

Campers will rotate through 2 of 4 learning stations per day.  The stations are Cooking, Gardens, Animals, and Wild Card.  The activities and focus vary and change all summer long.

With their “team


Campers select from 4-5 different activities offered and choose 2 they would like to do.  These vary from day to day and may reflect interests expressed by campers or individual skills of our staff or volunteers.  i.e. grooming or bathing livestock, cooking making, soccer game, drawing lesson, scavenger hunt.

Campers select activity so they are grouped according to interest and not age.

Skits and Sports

Time is set aside each day where the camp divides in half, and campers choose either SKITS where they practise a play and drama games, or SPORTS

Themes  and  Content Note:

It changes week to week.  We do not duplicate generally, though favorite activities may be repeated.


All our animals are vaccinated and cared for by the Vets at New Hamburg Veterinary Clinic.  Our animals though “farm animals” are more like pets than typical farm animals.  We like this because it makes teaching the kids and interacting with the animals both safer and more enjoyable.

While the campers engage in “chores” the work the kids do is about learning and fun.  They will weed, assist with feeding and watering animals, sweep, help with dishes etc but nothing where safety would be a concern.