Birthday Parties!

***Because our facilities are not fully winterized, we are unable to host birthday parties from December to Mid-March. We are so SO sorry that we can’t be open year round for your visits!***

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When you let us host your birthday party, you get a fun filled and worry free party experience!

Parties at Steckle Heritage Farm are staffed by one of our experienced staff, and all activities are pre-planned, and are tailored to your childs age group. Children ages 2-10 will always have a blast with us, but feel free to ask about what else we can do when it comes to different ages!

WHAT WILL WE DO?:  We always spend as much time as you’d like with our friendly animals. Petting, feeding, and learning neat facts along the way! To burn off extra energy and and get some exercise, we might do a scavenger hunt, or bring the parachute out. We know lots of games here, and depending on the group, we could get pretty silly. Our crafts are always changing, and always fun. From painting and gluing, to building and making… we keep our crafts age appropriate, and fun to take home!


$150(+HST) for up to 10 children and 3 adults, payable at time of booking.

Additional children are $10 each, adults $5 each.

*max. 15 children, or 25 people in total.

**Tractor rides {$25} are available upon request… just ask!**


WE :

  • Run activities (farm tour, games, and a craft) for 90 minutes
  • Clean up the dishes, cutlery and cups we provide


  • Bring the Cake and Treats (nut free, please!)
  • Supervise the last 30 minutes (with staff assistance)
  • Bring the kids!


click here to download printable      Birthday Party Invitations  


“I just wanted to let you know that R, and all of our guests, children and adults included, had a blast at the party yesterday! Your staff did a wonderful job, and it was really the perfect mix of activities/structure to keep the kids busy and engaged, and downtime for socializing and having snacks. All of our Toronto guests said they didn’t have anything like it at home, which is saying something! The look on R’s face when everyone was in the tractor and it began to move was totally priceless – he was in heaven! He was also very excited to see your turkey again, as he loved meeting her last summer. Thank you so very much for everything!”
(more testimonials on parties and programs are on the website under the ‘About Us’ heading! 🙂 )


Please Note: Absolutely NO SMOKING or ALCOHOL is allowed on the property, at any time. This is to ensure the safety of our site, and all that use it. Failure to adhere to this will result in the adult being asked to leave the premises, and in some cases, the party being cancelled without refund. 

What do the kids do?

Everything possible!! We run 90 minutes of fun planned programming. This includes a rough breakdown of 30 minutes with the animals, 30 minutes of game time, and 30 minutes doing a craft together as a group. If you add a tractor ride, it just gets tacked on to the games/craft time. We don’t pull kids away from the animals if they’re enjoying it! Sometimes that means that we spend most of our time with our furry friends, play one quick game, and then move right along. We change it up based on the group, and focus on the things kids are most excited for. The last 30 minutes is yours to have snacks, cake, songs, gifts, or whatever you can squeeze into that time. Please ask parents to be on time to drop off and pick up, after.. we have a lot of fun,and only a set amount of time! 🙂

Do you supply food and decorations? 

No we do not.  You may bring whatever you wish and use our plates, cutlery, cups but we ask NO NUTS as we are a nut-free facility to keep our future visitors safe! We love to compost and recycle, so please keep that in mind when choosing your snacks!  Please consider alternatives to water bottles and juice boxes, as these create excess recycling that we do not have the capacity to dispose of. All drink container waste MUST be brought out with you. We do have large pitchers and cups available as a farm (and Earth!) friendly option! (We do not have commercial garbage pick up, and are limited to the waste that we can put out each week, same as a residential home!)  As for decorations, we are a blank canvas! You can choose to decorate according to your theme, or leave it blank and love our farm kitchen as is. Just remember, what goes up, must come down! So be sure to bring your fun things home with you! 

My child is only 3.  Can parents of her friends stay for the party? 

Yes, within reason.  We are fine with ONE adult per child participant staying for the party when participating children are 3 and under without additional fees. If the adult to child ratio exceeds this, adults will be $5 each. For children 4 and up, $5 per adult will be payable by cash or cheque the day of the party. 10 children with one adult each turns into 20, and time gets eaten up quite quickly when groups are that large. We understand that there are sometimes circumstances which require exceptions, so please feel free to ask us questions regarding our policies, and how we can make them work for you. 

How big can our party be?!

We love herds of animals, AND kids… but we all have our limits! We’ve scientifically tested different sizes of groups, and have learned that we have the most fun with moderately sized parties. For this reason, we have a max of 15 children per party, so things run smoothly. Safety of our friends (two legs AND four legs) is priority for us, and we like to keep our eyes on everyone! (Please note that our parties have a maximum occupancy of 25 people in total, no exceptions or penalty will apply.)

What if it rains… is really hot… is really cold?

We run rain AND shine!  Advise your guests to dress for the weather, and have no fear!  You will be based out of the kitchen and classroom.  If weather is not cooperative we simply adjust accordingly, and use the barn for games!  We promise you will have fun, no matter the weather!

When do you offer parties?

We tend to book far in advance, so give us as much notice as possible to ensure we can celebrate with you on your preferred date! May, June, September, and October all book up VERY quickly, and there’s no such thing as planning too soon when it comes to farm fun! We are available to host birthday parties on select evenings and weekends from the middle of March to the end of November. 

PLEASE NOTE: We host Weddings on Saturdays May through September, and are sadly unavailable for additional events!

11:30 to 1:30 and 2:30 to 4:30 on available Saturdays in March, April, October, and November!

11:30 to 1:30 and 2:30 to 4:30 on Sundays, all season round!

5:30 to 7:30 pm select weekday evenings, all season round!

Steckle Heritage Farm Birthday Party

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If you have questions….. please email Linnea Knight at:  .(It‘s the fastest way of contacting us!)

Parties are booked on a first come, first serve basis… weekend dates tend to fill quickly, so book far in advance to avoid disappointment! Please note, we do not do “tours” of the site before you book… we simply haven’t the staffing to do so.  If you feel it is needed, then there is a $15 fee for the walk around prior to booking. Thank you for understanding!